Even Skin Brightening Peel – At Home Facial


A great home treatment for anyone with concerns of


Dull, lifeless skin

Ageing concerns


7ml Purasat Cleanser – a highly exfoliating, hydrating clesnser.

Single use Blueberry Smoothie Peel – with corn cob meal, jojoba beads and lactic acid this peel buffs and dissolves away cellular debris while infusing antioxidants into the skin.

Eye Peptide Gel Mask…..the most rejuvenating, hydrating eye mask EVER!

Single use C Infusion Mask, packed full of vitamin c, alpha lipoid acid and peptides this is a rejuvenating, anti-ageing, moisturising and brightening powerhouse.

7ml Extrem B Serum, we couldn’t love this hydrating, cell energising, pigment down regulating, oil balancing, healing, skin strengthening, product turbo charging super hero more.

Single use Phytostat Moistutriser, a perfectly weighted nourishing moisturiser that can also be used around the eye.

Alcohol swab, facial cloths and instructions