At Kin we use a range of results driven cosmeceutical skincare lines including Aspect, Cosmedix, Societe, PCA and Dermaquest. Our experienced and highly trained therapists thoroughly assess your skin and specifically tailor treatments to address both your skin needs and concerns. Having a broad range of product gives us the flexibility to customise treatments and homecare to your individual needs providing optimal results. For anyone unsure of where to start we recommend one of our our facials, lactic based peels (one of the first 4 on the peels list), microdermabrasion or dermaplaning treatments.



Our customised facial treatments are designed to deliver targeted actives into your skin to treat your concerns while evoking a sense of calm and relaxation through indulgent massage and tactile product application.

  • 30 minute deluxe facial treatment
  • $80
  • 60 minute deluxe facial treatment
  • $125
  • Thermal Detox Oxygenating Facial
  • $99

Activate healing and circulation and brighten the skin with this powerful detoxifying facial. Perfect for anyone experiencing acne, problematic skin, post acne scarring or anyone wanting to boost dull skin using the power of oxygen.


A gentle exfoliation method utilising an abrasive pad for mechanical exfoliation and suction that increases circulation and removal of cellular debris.

  • 30 Minute
  • $80

Microdermabrasion, custom serums and finishing products

  • 45 Minute
  • $99

Microdermabrasion, mask, neck and shoulder massage, custom serums and finishing products.

  • 75 Minute
  • $135

A combination of our 60 minute Deluxe Facial Treatment and Microdermabrasion.


Dermaplaning gently removes excess cellular debis and vellus hair (peach fuzz) to create a smooth skin surface ad aid in product penetration. Rest assured dermaplaning cannot change your peach fuzz into terminal hair and will not increase hair growth.All our dermaplaning treatments include targeted serums and finishing products.

  • Dermaplaning
  • $85
  • Dermaplaning & Peel
  • $125
  • Dermaplaning and Rejuvenating Peptide Mask
  • $125


We’re incredibly proud to offer the best of the best in skin needling treatments using our grade 2 medical device that holds TGA, FDA and European certification. Our machine is a cut above and provides the most precise needling on the market which guarantees both your safety and results.

With our understanding of various skin treatment methods we ensure you’re getting the right treatment for the right condition without the risk of micro tearing, trauma and excess inflammation. Skin needling is an incredible way to encourage your skin to naturally improve and regulate itself. By triggering growth factors and stimulating collagen and elastin production skin needling provides exceptional results including reduction in lines and wrinkles, plumping of the skin, strengthening capillary networks, tightening pores, scar reduction and remodelling and improved immune function within the skin. Skin needling also addresses hyperpigmentation concerns by breaking pigments bands creating more even tone.

  • Face
  • $199
  • Face and Neck
  • $219


Dermafrac harnesses the benefits of microdermabrasion, skin needling, serum infusion and LED light therapy to provide superior results for a range of skin concerns including lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, congestion, open pores and dull lifeless skins. With minimal down time this is a great option for those who don’t want dermal pen needling treatments and love the added benefits of a multi modality treatment.

Micro needling has an incredibly broad range of benefits for your skin health and produces amazing long term firming and plumping improvements through increased production of collagen and elastin.

  • Level 1
  • $199
  • Level 2
  • $209

Pacakges available for Skin Needling and Dermafrac, enquire in store.


At Kin we offer a wide range of peels so we are able to treat a broad range of skin conditions and concerns. We respect your skins integrity and treat with your needs and tolerances in mind. Peels are not scary when they’re in the hands of experienced therapists who understand skin. Our understanding of both product and skin will have you kicking your skin goals for long term improvement while respecting and improving your skins integrity.

  • Aspect Lactobotanical Peel
  • $99

A beautiful blend of chirally correct L-Lactic Acid and Canadian Willowherb make this peel a great pick me up for almost all skin concerns by encouraging cellular turnover, delivering antioxidants and promoting hydration.

  • Cosmedix Pomegranate Peel
  • $99

The perfect pick-me-up for all skin types, conditions and concerns. Pomegranate Peel uses a blend of L-Lactic acid and enzymes to soften and even out the skins tone a texture leaving your skin fresh and bright.

  • Cosmedix Blueberry Smoothie Peel
  • $99

A gentle, yet effective peel combining L-lactic acid, Enzymesand Jojoba beads to buff away cellular debris while infusing powerful antioxidants into the skin. A perfect pre-event peel.

  • Societe Probiotic Acai Peel
  • $99

A synergistic blend of acai berry, beta glucan, resvertrol, lactic and malic acids. This peel is suitable for a range of skin types including rosacea, congestion, hyper-pigmentation, sun damage, mild acne and dull lifeless skins with dehydration and congestion.

  • PCA Perfecting Peel
  • $99

We offer 3 different types of Salicylic peels with each containing powerful targeted ingredients and botanical blends to effectively treat Acne and Congestion, Ageing Concerns or Pigmentation. *Some preparation required

  • Cosmedix Benefit Peel
  • $154

An incredibly brightening metabolic peel that uses a combination of encapsulated Retinal (vitamin A) and vitamin C to strengthen, firm and even out skin tone. Great for anyone with pigmentation or ageing concerns. * Some preparation required.

  • Cosmedix Clarify Peel
  • $154

This meatabolic peel uses a combination of Retinol (vitamin A), plus a complex blend of purified acids including salicylic, L-Lactic, Mandelic and Pyruvic acid providing deep exfoliation and resurfacing. Purity peel also contains potent antioxidants , anti-bacterials and anti-inflamatory’s to reduce bacteria and promote healing. * Some preparation required.

  • Cosmedix Timeless Peel
  • $159

Cosmedix Timeless Peel is the ultimate anti-ageing treatment designed to stimulate collagen & elastin production and cellular turnover to visibly reduce the signs of ageing and pigmentation. The Timeless Peel is an advanced metabolic peel combining L-Lactic Acid and encapsulated Retinol AGP to resurface and remodel the skin. Ideal treatment for all skin conditions including hyperpigmentation, environmental damage, sun damage, melasma, premature ageing, acne and acne scarring. * Some preparation required.

  • Cosmedix Deep Sea Peel
  • $189

A herbal peel utilising lichen from coral to promote cell proliferation and a rapid cellular turnover. This unique treatment is amazing for addressing textural concerns including acne scarring, lines and wrinkles. Its also fantastic to lift pigmentation including melasma and post acne discolouration. * Some preparation required

  • Custom layered peel are available if skin is assessed to be tolerant and deemed necessary.
  • POA



Unique IPL technology uses a broad spectrum of therapeutic light to treat a wide range of skin concerns including ageing concerns, age spots, sun induced freckles, broken capillaries and redness in the skin. IPL skin rejuvenation is an effective way to stimulate collagen and elastin providing plumper, more rejuvenated skin.

    Skin Rejuvenation / Pigment Therapy

    • Full Face
    • $179
    • Face and Neck
    • $199
    • Decolotage
    • $159
    • Area Treatments
    • POA

    Capillary / Vascular Therapy

    • Cheeks
    • $70
    • Nose
    • $40
    • Area Treatment
    • POA


    Radio frequency (RF) skin tightening is a nonsurgical and noninvasive skin tightening and anti-ageing treatment. During RF treatment, current flows from the electrodes of an RF device into your skin, heating the tissues beneath to stimulate collagen and elastin production as well as tightening existing fibres.

    • Neck
    • $60
    • Full Face
    • $80
    • Face & Neck
    • $120

    For body prices please see our Beauty & Body menu.


    By harnessing the healing power of light, LED works on a cellular level to rejuvenate the skin. Our multi light LED allows us to effectively treat ageing concerns, inflammatory conditions, pigmentation, acne and to promote healing. Each treatment is customised to your skin needs. We love LED as a stand alone treatment and added to other skin treatments to turbo charge results.

    • Add on to facial treatment
    • $40
    • LED session
    • $50
    • LED Facial
    • $95

    Packages available for all IPL, RF treatments, enquire in store.


Our power facials combine some of our favourite combinations for optimal results. Alternatively you can use some of our add ons to create your own custom power facial

  • Dermafusion Plus
  • $165

A combination of dermaplaning to gently remove cellular debis and vellus hair (peach fuzz), a gentle lactic peel to boost hydration and brighten your skin followed by a targeted hydrating sonophoresis vitamin infusion.

  • Microfusion Plus
  • $160

A combination of microdermabrasion to gently remove excess cellular debris, a gentle lactic peel to brighten and boost hydration followed by a targeted hydrating sonophoresis vitamin infusion

  • Eye A-Peel
  • $115

This is a great combination of a our Acai Berry Peel to brighten, strengthen and hydrate your skin, followed by a lymphatic eye massage to detoxify and help to reduce puffiness. To finish we apply our Societe Rejuvenating Eye Peptide Mask to address hydration, puffiness, fine lines and dark circles while you receive an indulgent neck and shoulder massage.

  • Lactobotanical Luxe
  • $125

A combination of our much loved Lactobotanical peel to brighten, hydrate and give your skin the ultimate glow followed by an indulgent face, neck and shoulder massage using our nourishing Aspect Hydrating Mask.

  • Dermapeptide Plus
  • $150

A powerful blend of dermaplaning to gently remove cellular debris and vellus hair followed by our oxygenating power duo to boost cellular function and our Rejuvenating Peptide Gel Mask to soothe, hydrate and plump.

  • Boosted Blueberry Peel
  • $140

With added lactic acid, enzymes and vitamin c, this is a boosted version of our blueberry peel, perfect for brightening the skin and creating more even tone. We follow the peel with our serum infused Cosmedix Microdefence Microbiome Sheet Mask, perfect for relieving dehydration, sensitivity and dullness in the skin.


Our customisable add-ons are the perfect way to boost your skin treatments and further target your skin concerns.

  • $40

Packed with plant based stem cells, rejuvenating peptides and hydrating ingredients this is cooling and soothing mask is an amazing addition to any treatment

  • $25

Pep up and hydrate tired eyes with this gel eye mask. The face mask was so good they made one just for the eyes.

  • $35

This revitalising rubber mask is formulated with age-defying and moisture-boosting ingredients to instantly soothe post-treatment skin for a ofter and smoother appearance. Pineapple enzymes help gently exfoliate away impurities, while the red algae extract promotes a firmer-looking complexion.

  • $35

Quench dry skin and help strengthen skin’s natural defences with this ultra-hydrating sheet mask. Sodium Hyaluronate, Almond and Coconut oils combine to instantly nourish and plump skin, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • $35

Sonophoresis is a safe, non-invasive treatment that uses ultrasonic technology, warmth and motion energy to significantly increase the depth and rate at which active ingredients can be absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. Sonophoresis has been shown to increase the ability of the skin to absorb products by up to 800%. Sonophoresis is a great way to increase hydration, smooth the skin and infuse vitamins and actives.

  • $35
  • Societe’s Oxygenating Duo is a two-step, process that effectively delivers an instant boost of oxygen directly into the skin. Not only does the process activate the healing and circulation of any wound or acne outbreak, but it instantly lightens pigmentation, soothes the skin and delivers a radiant glow and texture.

    • $40
    • We harness the healing power of light to increase cellular energy and responses within the skin to turbo charge your treatment. We offer red, green, blue and yellow light therapy which enables us to fully customise your LED treatment.